Founded in 2001, IsraAID is an Israel-based international non-governmental organization. Since its inception, IsraAID has worked in emergency and long-term development settings in 50+ countries. Drawing on an extensive roster of leading Israeli and international experts, the organization is in a unique position to design and implement high-quality, cost-effective and innovative programming that fully reflects the immediate and long-term needs of populations affected by disasters worldwide.


IsraAID has been working in Dominica since October 2017, following Hurricane Maria. IsraAID’s work in Dominica focuses on supporting the recovery of communities across the island, with extensive programs in the areas of shelter, education, DRR, child protection, livelihoods and resiliency building, working closely with local actors and social society, communities/community leaders, local businesses, government organizations and other pubic and nongovernmental organizations. As part of IsraAID 2020 strategy, IsraAID is expanding its work in the Livelihood arena. IsraAID alongside its partners have been working directly with beneficiaries to develop vocational capacities, business development, entrepreneurship skills training, as well as working on innovative initiatives like Work Online Dominica that positively impact the livelihood of Dominicans.

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